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2019 W2 Forms

W2 Forms for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2016 and earlier tax years.

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Printable, Blank and Laser 1099 Forms

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1099-MISC Forms 1099-MISC Federal Copy A 1099-MISC Recipient Copy B
1099-MISC Payer Copy C 1099-MISC Payer State Copy 1 1099-MISC Recipient Copy 2
1099-INT Forms 1099-INT Federal Copy A 1099-INT Recipient Copy B
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1099-DIV Forms 1099-DIV Federal Copy A 1099-DIV Recipient Copy B
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1099-R Forms 1099-R Federal Copy A 1099-R Recipient Federal Copy B
1099-R Recipient File Copy C 1099-R Payer State Copy 1 1099-R Recipient State Copy 2

Quick 1099 Forms Q&A

(1) Do you offer printable 1099 tax forms?

Yes we offer a full line of printable 1099 tax forms at very affordable prices. Please visit our
printable 1099 tax forms page to read more.

(2) I need to order 2019 1099 forms, but I am not sure where to start.

On this website you will find different types of 2019 1099 tax forms including 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV and 1099-R. If you are not sure where to start please go to the main 1099 forms page.

(3) Do your 1099 misc tax forms meet IRS regulations?

Yes all our 1099 forms including 1099-MISC forms follow the IRS
"General Rules and Specifications for Substitute Forms 1096, 1098, 1099, 5498,W-2G, and 1042-S". You can read more about these specification by going to www.irs.gov.

(4) I can see that you sell 1099 misc forms, but do you also offer 1099 misc laser paper.

Yes, please go to the 1099 laser paper pager, you will find different formats of 1099 misc paper.

(5) If I order 1099 forms today how long does it take for them to ship?

Depends on your type of shipping. We offer 3 methods of shipping:
Ground (3 to 7 business days)
2 day Express (2 business days)
Next day delivery (1 business day)
PPlease note: Alaska, Hawaii, Canada: Deliveries may take longer; Additional shipping charges may apply.

(6) Do you sell QuickBooks 1099 forms?

Yes, we sell 1099 forms for QuickBooks and other tax software such as Peachtree.

(7) Are these 1099 forms for for independent contractors?

Yes, the 1099 MISC forms offered on this website can be used for reporting income to independent contractors.

(8) Why would I buy 1099 forms online instead of the nearby store?

For a number of reasons: convenience, cheaper prices, bigger selection, easy browsing, you can easily re-order in the future.

(9) What years do you offer?

We offer 2020 1099 forms, 2019 1099 forms, 2018 1099 forms and older years.

(10) What 1099 forms other than 1099 MISC do you offer?

We currently offer 1099-MISC forms, 1099-DIV forms, 1099-R forms and 1099-INT forms.

(11) Do you offer 1099 misc fill in forms?

1099 misc Copy A (the IRS copy) must be printed on a red-ink laser form that meets IRS specifications and can't be printed on regular white paper.

(12) What is the difference between a Form W-2 and a Form 1099-MISC?

Both of these forms are called information returns. The Form W-2 is used by employers to: Report wages, tips and other compensation paid to an employee and  Form 1099-MISC is used to report payments made in the course of a trade or business to another person or business who is not an employee.

(13) What tax software are your 1099 forms compliant with.

Our 1099 forms work with most major tax software applications. We offer SAP 1099 Forms, MAS 90 1099 Forms, MAS 200 1099 Forms, Microsoft Dynamics GP 1099 Forms , PeopleSoft 1099 Forms , QuickBooks 1099 Forms, Peachtree 1099 Forms, Padgett 1099 Forms, Tax Wise 1099 Forms, EasyACCT 1099 Forms, Drake 1099 Forms, ATX 1099 Forms and Creative Solutions 1099 Forms.

State Reporting Requirements for 1099 Forms

State Notes about submitting 1099 forms
ALABAMA 1099 Forms If Alabama income tax was voluntarily withheld from non-wage payments and reported on Form 1099, such returns must also be submitted with Form A-3 and/or W-2s and filed the last day of February.
ARKANSAS 1099 Forms Send the state copies of your W-2s with your annual reconciliation and/or the state copies of your 1099s along with a copy of your federal transmittal form 1096 to the address below:

Please call (501) 682-7290 to know the current address
CALIFORNIA 1099 Forms Any person, including a corporation, partnership, individual, estate, or trust that makes reportable transactions during a calendar year, must file the appropriate information returns to report those transactions with the Franchise Tax Board (FTB).
Email IRPhelp@ftb.ca.gov if you have questions or comments.
COLORADO 1099 Forms Please use the form "COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE ANNUAL TRANSMITTAL OF STATE W-2 and 1099 FORMS". Attach this form to the total withholding statements (W-2/1099) that were furnished to each payee. This form must be postmarked on or before the last day in February following the end of the year in which withholdings were made.
CONNECTICUT 1099 Forms Form 1099-MISC Reporting Requirements: Payers who issue Forms 1099-MISC to report payments made to Connecticut resident individuals or, if the payments relate to services performed wholly or partly in Connecticut, payments to nonresident individuals, are required to provide copies of these Forms 1099-MISC to the Department of Revenue Services on or before February 28th, even though no Connecticut income tax was withheld.
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DELAWARE 1099 Forms The duty to report 1099-MISC information to the Division of Revenue applies in the case of Forms 1099- MISC issued to persons resident in Delaware or to non-residents of Delaware for work performed within Delaware. Forms 1099-R are required to be reported to Delaware in the case of any person issued a Form 1099-R on which Delaware taxes are reported as withheld.
FLORIDA 1099 Forms Florida does not impose a personal income tax. There is no state form similar to the 1040 and W-4 and no requirement to file W-2 or 1099Misc. forms with this state.
GEORGIA 1099 Forms Submit non-wage statements (1099s) only if Georgia tax is withheld. Statements that do not indicate Georgia tax withheld may be filed under the Combined Federal/State Filing Program.
IDAHO 1099 Forms How do I submit Forms 1099 to Idaho? Attach the information returns to Form 967 and send them to the Tax Commission. If you didn’t withhold Idaho income tax, attach the information returns (except 1099Rs) to Idaho Form 96 or a copy of federal Form 1096 and mail to Idaho State Tax Commission.
ILLINOIS 1099 Forms Before February 1 of each year, you must give your employee three copies of federal Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, or, if applicable, any version of Form 1099 (e.g., Form 1099-MISC, Form 1099-INT, Form 1099-R). Do not send these forms to the state. Instead, keep them in your records for three years.
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INDIANA 1099 Forms Information returns that do not report withholding of Indiana adjusted gross or local income tax should not be submitted to the Department. Forms 1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-MISC and 1099-S are not required to be submitted. These returns must be maintained by the taxpayer for the statutory time period and made available to the Department upon request.
IOWA 1099 Forms Employers are not required to send copies of W-2s or 1099s to the state of Iowa with the VSP (Verified Summary Report). Employers are still required to keep copies of the W-2s and 1099s for at least four years from the end of the year for which the forms apply.
KANSAS 1099 Forms If you have questions regarding sending copies of 1099's you issued to the state, you need to contact the Dept. of Revenue Withholding Tax section 785-368-8222.
KENTUCKY 1099 Forms Form 1099 is not required to be submitted unless Kentucky tax is withheld or the liquidation or the dissolution of a corporation takes place.
MARYLAND 1099 forms Maryland requires a 1099G, 1099R, 1099S and W-2G for every Maryland payee who receives a payment of $10 or more during the tax year being reported.
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MASSACHUSETTS 1099 Forms Any individuals or institutions who issue Forms 1099-INT, 1099-Div, 1099-MISC or any other forms in the 1099 series (each type referred to generically as a “1099 form”) are required to file with the Commissioner an annual report of interest, dividends and other income taxable under G.L. c. 62. The income must be reported on the same basis as is required by the federal government under the Internal Revenue Code.
MICHIGAN 1099 Forms Payers who are required to file form 1099-MISC with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must also file with the State of Michigan and with the payee's city of residence if that city imposes an income tax.
MINNESOTA 1099 Forms If you’re not required by the IRS to use electronic submission, you can use paper to submit the information to Minnesota. Do not submit 1099 information if there is no Minnesota withholding.
MISSISSIPPI 1099 Forms By January of each year, MISSISSIPPI mails every withholding account forms explaining how to file the upcoming W-2 and 1099 forms with the state.
MISSOURI 1099 Forms The form needed for reporting miscellaneous income is Missouri Form 99-MISC (comparable to federal Form 1099-MISC). Copy 1 must be filed with our office, along with Form 96, Annual Summary and Transmittal of Information Returns. Copy 2 must be provided to the recipient. Copy 3 is the payer's copy. This information must be filed on or before February 28 of each year for the previous calendar year.
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MONTANA 1099 Forms Every employer shall, on or before February 28 in each year, file with the Montana Department of Revenue a wage and tax statement (W-2) for each employee to whom Montana wages were paid, regardless of whether any tax was withheld, and a copy of every Form 1099 pertaining to Montana residents. An Annual Reconciliation Form (MW-3) must accompany each batch of W-2 and 1099-R forms, or any other type of information returns that report total withholding greater than zero.
NEBRASKA 1099 Forms Nebraska does not require employers to submit Form 1099-MISC or other 1099 forms to the department unless Nebraska state income tax withheld is to be reported. When Nebraska tax is withheld, the 1099 forms are submitted to the department with the Nebraska Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld, Form W-3N.
NEW JERSEY 1099 Forms Form 1099 information returns must be filed with the New Jersey Division of Taxation by all payors of interest and dividends when the amount paid or credited is $1,000 or more in a calendar year or if any New Jersey income tax was withheld from the payment.
NEW YORK 1099 Forms Please go to www.tax.state.ny.us and click on "Withholding Tax Forms" to learn about 1099 reporting.
NORTH CAROLINA 1099 Forms At the end of each calendar year employers shall furnish wage and tax statements, Form W-2 to employees and Form NC-1099PS to contractors from whom tax was withheld. Two copies must be furnished to the employee or contractor and one copy must be furnished to the Department. Pension payers must report pension income and State tax withheld on federal Form 1099-R. The pension payer must give the Department a copy of a 1099-R given to a recipient of a pension payment if the 1099-R shows State tax withheld.
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OHIO 1099 Forms You are only required to send 1099 forms that reflect Ohio income tax withholding, such as forms 1099R. Issuers of 1099s are no longer required to send paper copies of the 1099s. They are required maintain these records for a period of four years from the due date. If the information is not submitted electronically, the Ohio Department of Taxation may request 1099s periodically when conducting compliance programs.
OKLAHOMA 1099 Forms Please see Form 501 Instructions
PENNSYLVANIA 1099 Forms Anyone making a distribution to a taxpayer out of a pension or profit-sharing plan – other than by reason of death, disability or retirement – must submit to the department an annual information return (1099 and/or W-2P) for each distribution that exceeds the taxpayer's contribution to the plan by $10 or more.
SOUTH CAROLINA 1099 Forms Do not send 1099 forms to the South Carolina Department of Revenue if no South Carolina tax has been withheld.
TEXAS 1099 Forms Please visit the Texas Comptroller website.
VERMONT 1099 Forms Please visit the Vermont Department of Taxes website.
VIRGINIA 1099 Forms VIRGINIA does not require the filing of Form 1099, unless the form reflects Virginia income tax withheld. Generally, the only form in the 1099 series that will reflect Virginia income tax withheld is Form 1099-R.
WASHINGTON 1099 forms Please visit dor.wa.gov
WEST VIRGINIA 1099 Forms Employers/Payers must submit Form WV/IT- 103, Annual Reconciliation of West Virginia Income Tax Withheld, together with State copies of all Withholding Tax Statements, (W-2, 1099-R, 1099-MISC and W-2G ), furnished to each employee/ payee for the preceding year, no later than February 28th of the succeeding year.
WISCONSIN 1099 Forms You may be required to send a copy of the federal Form 1099, or Wisconsin Form 9b, to the Department of revenue depending upon the type of payment that is being reported on the Form 1099 please see www.revenue.wi.gov for more details.
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