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Our 1099 DIV forms are compatible with a 1099 DIV Software called W2 Mate. This software can connect directly to Intuit QuickBooks, download 1099 data and then map it into 1099 DIV forms.  Once the data is downloaded inside W2 Mate, the QuickBooks user can:

  • Print Recipient Copies (1099 DIV Copy B) to regular white paper.
  • Print 1099 DIV data on laser 1099 DIV forms, which can be bought from this website.
  • File 1099 DIV forms electronic ally with the IRS.

1099 DIV Tax Forms are statements showing the dividends and capital gain distributions received by an account holder in the most recent tax year, usually sent by mutual fund companies to shareholders for tax return purposes.

Types of 1099 DIV Copies:

  • IRS 1099 DIV Copy A – Use the 1099 DIV Copy A to print and mail payment information to the IRS.
  • IRS 1099 DIV Copy B – Use the 1099 DIV Copy B to print and mail payment information to the recipient for submission with their federal income tax return.
  • IRS 1099 DIV Copy C – Use the 1099-DIV Copy C to print and mail payment information to the state (local) or for Payer’s files.


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